Archaeological Project Services

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About APS

Archaeological Project Services (APS) is a long established organisation offering a comprehensive range of consultancy and fieldwork services. Based in Heckington, Lincolnshire, we serve clients across the construction and development industries, public bodies and private individuals throughout the country.

Commission us

APS offer cost-effective, tailor-made solutions to all archaeological and cultural heritage needs in the planning and development processes. Our highly experienced project management team will respond quickly to find the right solution for your project, from initial planning through site investigation to mitigation and report publication.

Covid-19 Update

With the lifting of all government restrictions in England on 19 July 2021, we are pleased to announce that we can resume our entire fieldwork programme, including community engagement activities.

However, for the continued safety of everyone (especially those who remain vulnerable), we are still maintaining Covid-19 security on all our sites and ensuring our Risk Assessments reflect ongoing measures including encouraging social distancing and, in some circumstances, requesting that face masks are still worn. Our office is staffed during opening hours but is not currently open to the public, so please continue to call or email us your enquiries.