Desk Based Assessment

In response to planning applications, a local authority may indicate they have insufficient information to make a considered decision and request additional data, which can include an assessment of archaeological potential. Similarly, developers may also wish to know the archaeological implications of a site prior to purchase or submission of a planning application. In both these cases, a desk-based assessment can provide a clearer indication of the potential for archaeology to be present on site.

What's involved?
Desk-based assessments involve the analysis, interpretation and compilation of information from:

  • local and national archaeological databases;
  • historic and recent maps, generally held in county archives offices;
  • historic information, also held by county archives offices;
  • aerial photographs, held in local and national collections;
  • unpublished reports on previous archaeological investigations;
  • published accounts on the archaeology, history and geology of the study area;
  • geotechnical investigations, and
  • a site inspection to assess site conditions and constraints.

This information is then presented as a report to the client.


Desk based assessment


We can help with your desk-based assessment

APS can provide a comprehensive cost-effective desk-based study to assess the likely archaeological potential of the site.  APS has carried out hundreds of desk-based assessments for sites all over the country.