Planning Legislation

The 2012 National Planning Policy Framework for England requires that due care and consideration is taken in terms of conserving and enhancing the historic environment and in particular, the archaeological record (NPPF, paragraph 128).  Any development, brownfield or greenfield, large or small, may require archaeological works as part of the planning process, whether as pre-determination assessment and investigation or as a condition of planning permission.

What's Involved?
It is the developer’s responsibility to provide appropriate information to the local authority which will be used by the authority’s archaeological advisor to determine the type and scope of archaeological investigation required. APS can provide the following services to assist developers with any archaeological requirements including:

  • advice and guidance at the project design stage;
  • undertaking negotiations with the local authority on your behalf;
  • respond to any pre-determination requirements, and
  • carrying out all archaeological works and submit documentation to discharge your planning condition.



We can help you with your planning responsibilities

Early consultation can save time and avoid unnecessary complications and costs at a later stage. Our professional and experienced project team are available to guide you through the planning process.