If preliminary investigations (commonly known as evaluation) indicate that significant archaeological remains are present on a site, a full or partial excavation may follow to record the remains in advance of development.  Alternatively, if a development can be designed to minimise, or prevent, disturbance of buried remains (as part of a mitigation strategy) then the level of work required may be reduced significantly.

are able to undertake all stages of archaeological excavation which include:

  • careful site planning and preparation;
  • appropriate excavation, recording and sampling of features and finds;
  • completion of all post-excavation work;
  • analysis and site interpretation;
  • use of appropriate specialists, and
  • production of a professional report.

If required as part of a planning condition, all these stages must be completed to the satisfaction of the local authority's planning archaeologist. APS can confidently undertake all stages of work and, when required, call on nationally recognised specialists to assist with additional services such as environmental analysis and finds identification.




We can undertake all types of excavation

APS has many years experience of undertaking excavations of all sizes, from the largest open areas associated with residential and commercial developments and mineral extraction to small projects such as the footprint of a single dwelling. Our work is competent, reliable and excellent value.