Evaluation & Trial Trenching

Evaluation is often used as a generic term for the process of site assessment as part of the planning process, whether it is a desk-based assessment or field investigation. Evaluations may be required as a response to a planning application or as part of an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Evaluation helps provide an indication of the density and character of archaeology present on a site and allow the local authority planning archaeologist to make appropriate recommendations for archaeological planning conditions (if any) that should apply.

APS has extensive experience with all types of archaeological fieldwork evaluation techniques including:

Field evaluation is often used to mean trial trenching. Depending on the size and nature of the development, trial trenching may be required on its own or following other types of archaeological work already undertaken as part of the planning process.

Normally a series of trenches will be excavated across a site to characterise and record a sample of the site's archaeology where present. A report on the findings is then prepared for the client to submit to the planning authority. The results of the trial trenching may lead to several outcomes including:




We can help with all stages of your evaluation

Whether one stage of archaeological work is required for a small site, or many stages of fieldwork for a larger site, APS can meet all your evaluation needs.