The Specialists of APS – Project Officer


At APS, our expertise is as varied as our staff members.  So over the next few weeks and months we are going to reveal who we have working behind the scenes and out on site, and how we work together to deliver the high quality projects in and around Lincolnshire that we are known for.

Next, we have one of our Geophysicists and Project Officers, Jonathon Smith:

Along with the rest of our APS members, Jonathon is in the office early in the mornings ready for a day spent on any one of a number of sites. His knowledge and understanding of the archaeological field makes him a valuable member of staff.  He is able to work as effectively by himself as with a team.  He is equally confident excavating, completing watching briefs, completing geophysical surveys or writing reports, which can make for a varied working week!

Jonathon’s specialities give the perfect skill set for geophysical survey analysis, he can identify what features might be underground using his knowledge of what happened in different areas in different periods of history.


  • BA (hons) and MA from the University of Durham.
  • Worked for APS for over 10 years,



  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Early Bronze Age and Prehistoric Artwork
  • Photography


Why do you work for APS?

“I worked for a few archaeological units before moving to APS. The staff at APS really impressed me with their enthusiasm for archaeology, organisation and rigorous attention to detail. There was less emphasis on completing a site as fast as possible, but rather as well as possible. Over the years they gave me the opportunity to expand my skill set enormously, taking me from a keen digger who only knew how to use a trowel, to one who knows how to get other people to use their trowels, research in archives, write site reports and use technical equipment like a magnetometer.”