Sharing the secrets of medieval cookery…

As part of our work with Heritage Lincolnshire, APS staff are often involved in lifelong learning courses organised by Lincolnshire County Council’s Community Learning Service.  The Grow programme offers a wide range of courses which are open to all aged 19 and over and are free to new learners.

On 14 January, APS staff member Neil Parker (aka Hengist's Kitchen), led a hands-on Medieval Cookery day at Fydell House in Boston.  The fully booked course saw participants try their hand at a variety of medieval recipes using period equipment and techniques where possible!   On the menu were high status dishes of small birds in a pie, spicy creamed rabbit and date and fig parcels along with the staples of bread and of course a simmering stock pot!

The recipes Neil chose came from two 15th century cookbooks and the extensive 14th century collection of dishes and sauces gathered together in the Forme of Cury (Method of Cooking) which is believed to have come from the royal household of Richard II.  One participant commented, “Thank you for [the day], it was a superb course, I hugely enjoyed seeing the recipes brought to life.”

There are a variety of courses which are taking place in 2016 led by staff from both Heritage Lincolnshire and APS; for more details see our heritage themed Grow programme.   Due to the popularity of the medieval cooking course, there are also plans to repeat this again later in the year.  If you are interested in attending, please register your details with Heritage Lincolnshire.

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