Clay pipes

APS Senior Manager, Gary Taylor is a recognised specialist in the identification and analysis of clay pipes and associated material.

A member of the Society for Clay Pipe Research since 2001, Gary has, through his professional and private research on clay pipes, identified Lincolnshire traditions of pipe manufacture and form, and previously unknown pipe makers.

In addition to producing all the clay pipe reports for APS since the mid-1990s, Gary has prepared clay pipe reports for a number of other archaeological units.   Gary regularly examines clay pipe assemblages from sites in Cambridgeshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Rutland, and has also dealt with pipes from further afield. He has recorded and analysed collections of clay pipes from small-scale watching briefs to large urban excavations. As well as reporting on actual pipes, Gary has knowledge of, and can report on, associated items such as pipe kiln structural material, hair curlers and pipe tampers.

Services include:

  • identification and analysis of clay pipes;
  • recording to an appropriate level in accordance with current guidelines and standards, and
  • access to an extensive library of publications and references for clay pipes regionally, nationally and internationally.

Gary also provides the in-house expertise on small finds for APS.

Clay pipe

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